FindMe was (is) a collaboration between IPO (Industrial product design) and NMCT (New Media and Communication Technology).

As part of IPO’s finals they need to create there own mini design studio and create a product. They came up with the FindMe concept.

FindMe, is an app that is meant to give parents an easy portal to retrieve their kids if they get lost. While simultaneously giving the lost children an easy way to resolve the issue, so they don’t panic. This is done with animal faces, that have a strap so they can be attached to any pole, and little bracelets for the children. The animal faces have built-in NFC readers for the NFC tags that are incorporated in the bracelets.

Due the fact that the IPO students have no knowledge of app’s and only have a basic knowledge of electronics the asked us for help.

We made the app and also provided the “missing” link in there NFC concept. We used a mix of different technologies to provide a solid experience:

  • Api created with Azure functions
  • MQTT server (on an Azure vm), raspberry pi and modem to create our own sms gateway
  • Xamarin.forms (the android, ios and uwp app)
  • SQL-server
  • Arduino and RFID to read the tags
  • Raspberry Pi to connect to the Azure services

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