Who am I, What do I do?

I’m Kenneth De Potter student NMCT at Howest.

I have 2 Brothers and 3 sisters (I’m used to  a busy environment but I think this is more something positive then negative)

Currently i have chosen the major “Smart tech”.

What are my strengths?

However I find it hard to say something like this about myself I can say that:

  • Good listener
  • Interested in a lot of things
  • Don’t judge someone

What is my negative side?

  • Not to social
  • “Over protection”, scared to break stuff easy
  • Sometimes a too big perfectionist


Of course I like to pass and afterwards I maybe create my own start-up. I already have some ideas.

Some interesting facts about me

Some interesting facts about me
I’m maybe a bit too addicted to get everything as clean as possible (you’ll never find mess around me)
I like to test every kind of new technologies and gadgets


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