Kenneth De Potter

Kenneth De Potter

Developer with a passion for electronics.


Hi, name is Kenneth, graduated in June 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Communication technology. Currently doing an advanced Bachelor’s degree in Intentional Management.

As I’m a student entrepreneur I founded Signal C, a company that builds (interactive) hard and software for different kind of companies I’m always buzzy with some of the projects I’m working on and like to extend my knowledge with each one.


Find Me
FindMe was (is) a collaboration between IPO (Industrial product design) and NMCT (New Media and Communication Technology). As part of IPO's finals they need to...
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Synk is one of my own personal projects. As a student I every day have the same problem: waking up. This is surprisingly hard, even...
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Ordina Crowd Analytics
This project was made for a Ordina, the biggest IT Consultancy company in the Benelux. In collaboration with NMCT. The situation Ordina wanted a solution...
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Xplore Group Cocktail Machine
Xplore group always goes to Devvox to scout new people. Therefore they were looking for some eye candy at there booth.
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Escape Room monitoring
Last year I worked at out of the box (escape rooms). Everything worked well but there was a lot of work with monitoring. Therefore, they...
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